Spring 2023
Political Economy and Economic Development (MIT 14.75/14.750)
Teaching assistant to Esther Duflo and Sarah Lowes. Will be writing and delivering lectures for required recitation once per week for Master's students.
Math Camp (MIT Master's in Data, Economics, and Development Policy)
Writing and delivering lectures during math camp for the 2023 cohort of the master's program from which I graduated. Topics covered include probability, causal inference, and empirical strategies. Lectures must be rudimentary enough to accessible to students from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of experience and prior math exposure, and yet rigorous enough to prepare them for courses at the masters-level (or above) at MIT.
Fall 2022
Challenges of Global Poverty (MIT 14.73)
Teaching assistant to Esther Duflo and Frank Schilbach. Wrote and graded assignments and exams, wrote and delivered lecture in required recitation, and gave extensive feedback on written assignments in order to help students fulfill MIT's “writing intensive” undergraduate requirement. For an example of the lectures I wrote, see slides on insurance (with brief asides on reading tables in economics and on punctuation!) here
Economics and Society's Toughest Problems (MIT 14.009)
Teaching assistant to Esther Duflo. Relied on years of experience as a filmmaker and journalist to give technical and creative advice to students on multimedia projects.